4 Ways to Become a Better Artist

Whether you want to become a better artist or improve your drawing skills, here are 4 ways to help you achieve those goals!


Good Pens and Pencils

Although practice makes perfect, having the right tools will make a huge difference. Have a good selection of H and B pencils, make sure they are well sharpened, and explore what you can do just with the different hardness and softness of pencils. Make certain areas of your drawing stand out by outlining it with a good thin tip marker or pen! Make sure the pen is inky enough to trace over your pencil drawings.



Keep Observing and Practicing
Drawing is a universal activity. This art form is practiced by people from all over the world dating as far back as 30,000 years ago! There are tons of art styles that have yet to be discovered so why not learn from others. Observe other people’s artwork and see how they draw. Incorporate the styles you like into your artwork and create something new. The more art you are exposed to, the better!

Use References

Sometimes it’s hard to get creative to create a masterpiece from scratch. A simple way to practice your drawing is by pulling up an image from the internet, printing it out, and try recreating it. Drawing an image from memory is hard and you may end up missing key details. Devote time each day to practice drawing the same image until you get every detail and have truly excelled in making it look even BETTER than the original. Get creative and add your artistic flair to it!

Focus on the Fundamentals!

Nothing will make you a better artist than by having a good foundation of basic skills. Practice drawing straight lines and curves. Practice drawing them over and over again to improve your line work. Instead of short choppy lines, draw long and fluid lines. Turn your hand while you draw curves to help build up better drawing control. Next, practice drawing any object and change up the line quality (thickness and smoothness of a line) to practice with different approaches and see what happens!

Everyone is an artist but a great artist will never stop learning, practicing, and improving. Once you learn the foundations, break the rules, and get creative. Here at Creative Genius, we always encourage students to break outside their comfort zone and explore their skills to see what they are truly capable of doing!

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