About Us

Building Better Together Through Art.

Creative Genius Academy was founded from the basement of a house in 2015. From there, the founder taught children and teens, and eventually outgrew the house location. In 2016, the founder rented out an office to give more opportunity for young people to explore their creative side. Due to the growing number of students from there, Creative Genius Academy became incorporated in 2018 with it’s first commercial location in downtown markham location. Currently, we have three studios across Markham, hoping to make a difference in the lives of people through the power of art. 

The founder has always known the power of art. Growing up, it was how she connected with others and gained the self-assurance to express her deepest feelings and ideas. Sharing the ability for art to help others build confidence, express individuality, foster connection and build life skills that extend beyond the canvas has now become a passion of hers and it’s where Creative Genius Academy got its start.

Ensuring access to quality art classes delivered by trained, talented and passionate instructors is a part of Creative Genius Academy’s mission of building a better, more connected community through art. From its modest beginnings as a small afterschool program with several students, Creative Genius Academy has since grown its reach to hundreds of students, including a full curriculum for various age groups and experience levels to access lessons conveniently online or in person.

Seeing how our art classes have helped children explore their imaginations, empowered teens to build their confidence and allowed adults to reconnect with their creativity drives us to collaborate with students and parents to continue to build our programs and enrich the Creative Genius Academy experience.

Art is power. The power to express our inner thoughts and emotions; the power to expand our reality and explore our individuality; the power to connect with those around us and build a better community.

We Value


Celebrating individuality, self-expression and the freedom to be who we are while fostering a sense of curiosity through art education.


Using art education to build connections and support a diverse and inclusive community that strives to make a positive impact.


Supporting a “we over me” mentality that encourages teamwork, participation and open communication to solve problems.

Meet the Team

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