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Summer Camp 2024

Inspiring students to use their creativity and imagination to create art, as well as learning technical skills.

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what makes our
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Here at our school, we believe art is a powerful medium for expression and we strive to provide the best art education possible. Our staff are all passionate about art, and their enthusiasm and expertise have proved invaluable in inspiring our students to reach new heights of creativity. The unique curriculum provided has enabled our pupils to gain recognition on a global scale, go on to earn scholarships or places at prestigious art academies – ultimately achieving results beyond anything they had imagined was possible. With such a talented bunch of teachers and staff, it’s no surprise that these successes have come within our walls.

the true sign of intelligence
is not knowledge but



At our organisation, we are proud to have assembled a talented and experienced team of award-winning artists and Ontario Certified Teachers. Our teachers strive to go above and beyond in their efforts to help enrich the lives of our students through art and education. We take great care to ensure an engaging, stimulating learning environment that goes beyond the confines of the classroom and allows for meaningful exploration of creativity through contemporary approaches. The diversity of our teacher’s backgrounds coupled with their creative spirit fosters an atmosphere for constant advancement of our student’s artistic abilities — no matter what their age or skill level may be.


There is something very special about being part of a creative community that brings students from all cultures, backgrounds and talents together. By coming together and learning from one another, each student is able to grow their creative abilities in ways that wouldn’t be possible in isolation. Through engaging with different perspectives, students are inspired to explore new interests, push their boundaries and enhance their skills by cultivating an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusivity. Here at our community, we believe that every person has something unique to offer and should have the opportunity to come together and maximize their potential. We welcome anyone who is eager to join us on this journey!


Child development is a key factor to consider when encouraging healthy growth, and that includes teaching children to push the boundaries of their comfort zone and think beyond the standard approach. By giving them a platform to do so, they will be able to show off their true creativity and imagination, while also developing their problem-solving skills. Through creative elements like the arts and other extra curricular activities, children learn how to better put their thoughts into actions and use them in various situations. It is undoubtedly an invaluable experience that every child should have access to in order to lead successful lives.

we support an
inclusive learning environment

At our school, we strive to create a learning environment that caters to the needs of all students, no matter what their skill level. We believe that every student has the potential to succeed and should have equal opportunities to do so. Our staff is specially trained in providing effective instruction to all students, with particular focus on those who require differentiated instruction. We also promote an open and inclusive classroom culture, where every student feels comfortable participating in group work and contributing to class discussions. In our supportive environment, we give extra support whenever we see students struggling with certain concepts or tasks. All these measures guarantee that regardless of ability levels, each student will get an optimal learning experience at our school.

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