Art Workshops!

Creative Genius Academy runs workshops at schools and in the studios hosted by Ontario-certified teachers and art professionals. These workshops will run accordingly based on the Ontario Art Curriculum for all grade levels. Our workshops cover a variety of different forms, including:

Oil Painting

Created for teens to set their creativity free, our art classes are designed to help students amplify their passion for art while developing their skills through a variety of mediums including paint, pastels, pencils, sculpture, and more. Our teen art classes encourage students to branch out of their comfort zone by thinking outside of the box for self-expression, where they will develop skills customized to their learning level in different mediums.


Life Drawing

Our life drawing sessions are designed to help develop participants interest in human anatomy and structure, as well as learning how to draw directly from the model. These are uninstructed sessions and wonderful chance for participants to have life drawing as part of their portfolio pieces that can be used for future college applications, or simply as beautiful artwork for the home. Sessions begin with short warm-up studies and then progress to more long poses.

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