3 Educational yet Artsy Projects to do at Home!

It looks like this March break will be a tad bit longer than usual this year. Spend time with your children by creating educational yet artistic projects together at home. Here are our top 3 favorites!

DIY Village

Did someone say geography AND social studies? Teach your children how different countries differ in the way their society works and how their communities are built differently. For example, in Canada, parks, residential areas and malls are spaced out. However, in certain parts of the world like India or Hong Kong, for example, everything is closely populated and dense. For this activity, use a large piece of cardboard and paint roads and parks on it. Then, paint empty food boxes such as egg cartons, milk, and juice cartons and turn them into houses, high rises and much more. Place them on the cardboard and rearrange them according to your research to show your children how North American cities differ from cities in Asia or another part of the world.  

toy village, milk carton craft, craft

DIY Volcano Eruptions

Homemade volcanos are amusing to children AND adults. What better way to learn about science classics – physical and chemical reactions at home than with this super easy experiment! Combine vinegar, water, and dish soap in an empty 1L soda bottle. Fill half a cup of water with half a cup of baking soda and mix until the baking soda mixture is completely liquid. To make your volcano, surround the soda bottle with clay until you see nothing but the opening of the bottle. Wait for the clay to dry and paint it to resemble the color of a volcano. Pour the baking soda mixture into the soda bottle and wait for the chemical reaction to create the explosion!

Bean / Bead Mandalas

Count by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and more in no time! Gather at least 4 different colored beans or beads and dedicate each color to a multiple to count in. For example, pinto beans will represent 2’s and lentils will represent 1’s. For every pinto bean placed on the canvas, 2 lentils will be placed on top to help your child practice counting in multiples of 2s. Use these beans and beads to create mandalas and other colorful patterns to display all over the house so that your child can practice counting no matter what room they’re in. Not only will counting be more fun, but they also get to create beautiful works of art!

Be sure to tag us on social media @creativegeniusartacademy or email us (info@creativegeniusartacademy.ca) photos of your completed art projects so that we can share them on our social media channels to inspire more parents to create educationally fun art projects with their children!

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