The Importance of Creativity for the 21st Century Child

We’re three weeks into our annual Summer Art Camp. So far, our talented campers have drawn, painted, sculpted, and digitally rendered an abundance of awesome art and have even won awards for their hard work! In a group exercise, we asked our little Creative Geniuses what the idea of “creativity” meant to them and why it’s important. Here’s what they had to say.
It lets me do a good job when I draw at camp. I like having fun with my friends and meeting new people. Julia, 4
It makes me smart and make good drawings. I want to be an artist when I grow up so I’m creative. Cole, 5
The world would be boring without creativity. There would be no expression or fun things. I express my own creativity through making art and writing songs. I’ve been singing since I was 3! Cara, 11
It prevents copyright issues. Also, it helps you make more money. Gavin, 12
It gives you your own view of the world. Kerena, 14.25
Creativity allows me to be interesting and fun. I got into art university because I was creative with my work and it helped me stand out. It’s good for problem-solving and a new way of thinking. Joana, 18
Creativity is essential for the world to go on. Creative people invent new things that make the world interesting and different. It allows self-improvement through critical thinking and developing stronger social skills. In the real world, you’re often collaborating with people so creativity is inspiring and gives better results. Sam, 18
It lets people find their individuality. Nothing is really an original idea anymore, so to me, creativity is found in how you interpret an idea and put your own twist to it. I teach my students to be successful in developing their own creativity by teaching them the basic foundations and allowing the freedom to do whatever they want with their learned skills. Patricia (instructor)
So there you have it folks, the importance of creativity from a couple of our very own Creative Geniuses. We’re having so much fun watching them develop their art skills and are confident that their creativity is going to help them succeed in the future!

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