Chasing Dreams with Creative Genius

Here at Creative Genius, our students come from all different backgrounds and experience levels. Their unique personalities shine in their diverse works and they all have big dreams for the future ahead. This week, we asked some students about their future career goals and how creating art has helped them make the first steps to achieving their dreams. Here’s what they had to say:

Isabella (art and French teacher)

I want to be an art teacher for high school students. By taking lessons myself, I can develop my skills to be at a level to be able to teach others. Also, I can learn how to be a teacher by watching my art teachers and learning through example!

Anika (animator)

One of the biggest things that art class has helped me with is learning how to draw anatomy. As an animator, that’s super important. Right now I’m learning how to draw more realistic figures, which is important to put in my portfolio when I apply for Animation school next year.

Jessica (writer)

I want to be a fiction writer for either children’s adventure or humour books. Art is a good hobby for me in the meantime because it allows me to be creative and be surrounded by creative stuff. I often make up stories for all the characters I make in art class!

Martenn (Lego engineer)

I love playing with Lego and I want to be an engineer for them when I grow up. Art class is good because it lets me work on my creativity and see what children around me like, so I can design Legos to make them happy.

We wish all of our Creative Geniuses the best of luck when it comes to achieving their dreams. Keep working hard and stay creative!

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