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Creative Genius

We’re here to make learning fun, to get students to express their creativity and to support education and
artistic endeavors for everyone in our community!



We know how tough school can get! That’s why Creative Genius Academy is here to help ease nerves and to make learning fun so that your child can advance their learning and excel in their academic careers.


Are papers, exams, and projects getting the best of you? Our one-to-one and small group tutoring can help you understand troubled areas such as Math, English, Science, and French. This private sessions allows students to pick the brains of one of our qualified Ontario teachers while getting the help they need to succeed in school!


We all need a little break to discover our true passions. Whether that be a wellness or art class to clear our minds, or if you’re newcomer looking to learn the English language-Creative Genius Academy is the place for you to discover a new interest.

what makes our
academy unique

Our talented teachers and staff all possess a love for art and are eager to share it with as many people as possible. With our unique art curriculum, we’ve been taking children from the top of the class to winning awards and scholarships worldwide – as well as getting into the art school of their dreams.

the true sign of intelligence
is not knowledge but



We are a team of Award Winning artists and Ontario Certified Teachers, who are responsible for overseeing and developing all of our art and academic programs. Our experienced art teachers work to enrich the lives of our students through art and education; in and outside the classroom.


We believe that we are better when we are together. Our creative community embraces students of all cultures, backgrounds and talents. We want to encourage all of our students to learn from one another, evolve their skills, develop new interests and grow together.


We encourage your children to push their boundaries and think outside the box. This creates a platform for your children to showcase their limitless imagination. Complex problem-solving skills, innovation, and creativity are said to be honed and developed through the arts.

we support an
inclusive learning environment

To ensure an optimal learning experience, we teach students with various learning needs of all skill levels in an open, inclusive and supportive environment.

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