Life Drawing

“Educate the Mind & Heart so students can one day grow up to do what they Love and Love what they do.”

Our life drawing sessions are designed to help develop participants interest in human anatomy and structure, as well as learning how to draw directly from the model. These are uninstructed sessions and wonderful chance for participants to have life drawing as part of their portfolio pieces that can be used for future college applications, or simply as beautiful artwork for the home. Sessions begin with short warm-up studies and then progress to more long poses. 

Location: 9 Ivanhoe Drive, Markham
Time: 2:00-5:00pm 

Participants get to develop their:

  • Human anatomy and structure
  • Advanced knowledge of design principles: shape, form, value, colour etc.
  • How to use new mediums to achieve their creative vision
  • gesture drawing

Partcipant to Bring: 

  • Drawing board
  • Binder Clip
  • Newsprint or Bond Pad
  • Drawing utensils (pencils, charcoal sticks and conte sticks) 
  • Sketchbook (optional) 
  • Painting supplies (optional) 
Upcoming Sessions:
January 29th 2023 (sunday)~ Full Nude Model
February 26 2023 (sunday) ~ Fully Clothed Model
March 26th 2023 (sunday)Full Nude Model
and more coming up~
Due to the safety measures we have in place, students will use own materials to avoid sharing of materials with students. 

For artists under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate in nude life drawing sessions. 

Life Drawing

Pricing Packages

Single Drop-In Class3 hours$28 + HST
5 Drop-In Classes3 hours$125 + HST
(save 10%)

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