Online Digital Art

“Learning Art in a Fun & Engaging Way that Nurtures there creativity & Self-Expression”

Teaching art to students the fun and modern way! 

Art can help build students self-esteem and confidence and at the same time, allowing them to find their individual voice. Art and creative, expressive freedom is something that each and every person is capable of. To not at least create some art is to not fully embrace your internal capabilities.

Students will learn:

  • Critical thinking and research skills
    Applied figure drawing
  • Develop one’s own digital painting style
  • Use of advanced perspective drawing to create an environment art

ONL-DIG201: Beginner Digital (age 7+)

This course aims to teach children the fundamentals of digital art. Your child will learn how to transform 2D drawings into 3D digital paintings and have the creative freedom to explore and generate ideas! Essential hands-on activities include basic lighting studies, introduction to colour theory, various digital painting techniques, understanding perspective drawing and composition.


ONL-DIG301: Intermediate Digital (age 10+)

This course is suitable for students who wish to further develop their artistic skills in digital art and is also ideal for learning concept art, digital illustration, interior design and architecture. It aims to impart skills essential in creating character design and environment art.

ONL-DIG401: Advanced Digital (age 13+)

This course is suitable for students who wish to advance their artistic skills in digital art and explore digital illustration, environmental design, character design as well as human anatomy. It aims to impart skills essential in creating character design and environment art through extensive hands-on activities that include figure drawing studies, in-depth lessons in colour theory, advanced perspective drawing and composition. In this course, students at an advanced level will be given the opportunity to showcase their art creations under categories including their own set of original characters, comics and zines. This course is great for students looking to build their art portfolio for high school and university. 

Online Digital Art


  Duration Price
1 Pass 2 hours $48 +HST
4 Passes 2 hours $168 +HST
13 Passes 2 hours $504 +HST

*Times are Eastern Time (ET) 

Online Art in Action


For digital, all they need is an ipad or drawing tablet along with a stylus pen. The app we suggest downloading is Procreate 

Just let us know 24 hours in advance, and they can schedule a make up class.

They will be in a waiting room, and the teacher will let them into the classroom. 

Yes, there is homework 

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