Online Design Classes

“Design can Change the World."

Yes, children can learn art online!

Design starts with looking and listening, critically analyzing and understanding the practical and cultural needs of the world around us. This establishes design problems. The designer dreams rationally and works collaboratively to solve these real-life problems using creative built solutions. This process is often iterative and unpredictable, but it is rewarding. The right solutions can (re)define standards of fashion and function for a very long time, and it can even change the world! For example, Edison’s incandescent light bulb, Ford’s Model-T, Apple’s iPhone, and many more.

8-11+ Digital Art

 Students will embark on the process of design, in which the objective is to develop transferable skills, or to contribute to their portfolio


  • Sketching
  • Traditional and digital 2D drawings
  • Design Concepts
  • Physical and computer 3D modelling 
  • Verbal presentations (elevator pitch, interviews)

12+ Digital Art

Students will embark on the process of design, in which the objective is to develop transferable skills, or to contribute to their portfolio. Classes will explore various ways of communicating design ideas:

  • Sketching
  • Traditional and digital 2D drawings (plans, sections, axonometric, perspectives)
  • Physical and computer 3D modelling (Physical Prototyping, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Verbal presentations (elevator pitch, interviews)
  • Advanced learning: work planning and other advanced industry software (rhino, grasshopper, various rendering engines)

Art Class Details

  • Weekly homework will be given as a supplementary portion of the course curriculum

Basic Rates & Pricing ​

Ages 8-11DurationPrice
1 class1.5 hours$32*+hst
4 classes1.5 hours$112+hst (save $16)
13 classes1.5 hours$336+hst (save $80)
24 classes1.5 hours$588+hst (save $180)
Ages 12+DurationPrice
1 class2 hours$42*+hst
4 classes2 hours$152+hst (save $16)
13 weeks2 hours$456+hst (save $90)
24 weeks2 hours$798+hst (save $210)

*This is the standard price for our classes. Prices for packages are offered with discounts!

HST applies to all prices.

Design Classes

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Age 8-11

  • Sat. 1:00-2:30PM
  • Sat. 3:00-4:30PM

Age 12+

  • Sat. 1:00-3:00PM
  • Sat. 3:00-5:00PM


*Times are Eastern Time (ET) 

Online Art in Action


Materials will be provided in the powerpoint slide. For digital, all they need is an ipad or drawing tablet along with a stylus pen. 

Just let us know 24 hours in advance, and they can schedule a make up class.

They will be in a waiting room, and the teacher will let them into the classroom. 

Yes, all our online classes are 5% off regular price.

Yes, there is homework in the powerpoint slides for children, digital and design. We also send out weekly extra homework according to their level for children traditional classes. 

For children, the powerpoint slides include the lesson of the day, along with art history, and homework for the week.  For teens, the powerpoint slides cover more technical subjects, and also include homework. 

Watch A Class In Action ​

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