Children's Sculpture Classes

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness."

Our art classes for children are a space to set their creativity free.

Our children sculpture classes allow students to approach art with their keen observation skills. Using different materials such as clay, wood, and plaster, students will practice a variety of sculpting techniques to create successful 3D artworks. These classes are suitable for childrenwho like to work hands on. This is a wonderful chance to create portfolio pieces that can be used for future college applications, or simply as beautiful artwork for the home.

Children Will Learn:

  • Self-expression through art
  • Advanced knowledge of design principles: shape, form, value, colour etc.
  • How to use clay and manipulate it into various forms
  • The process of creating a successful 3D artwork from start to finish
  • Art terminology

Children Sculpture Class Details

  • Bring 11×14 sketchbook to class
  • Basic art materials will be provided
  • Weekly homework will be given as a supplementary portion of the course curriculum

Basic Rates & Pricing ​

Ages 12+
Monthly*1.5 hours$112+hst
3 months/13 weeks1.5 hours$336+hst (save $28)
6 months/24 weeks1.5 hours$588+ hst (save $84)

*billed as 4 classes each month, prorated accordingly to reflect mid-month registrations and 5-week months.


The billing above reflects one class per week.

Children's Sculpture Classes

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Sunday 12:00-1:30PM



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