Sculpture Classes

What is Sculpture?

Sculpture is a 3D form of art that can be viewed and executed from many different angles. Students will use materials such as clay, plaster, and wood to create sculpting tools to manipulate their medium. We currently offer sculpture classes for teens.

Teen Sculpture Classes

Ages 12+

This course aims to teach teens the fundamentals of sculpting. Your child will learn how to transform their designs into 3D sculptures and have the creative freedom to explore and generate ideas! Students will gain hands-on experience by working with clay, plaster and wood. This is a great opportunity for teens to hone in on their observation skills which can be applied to all forms of art!


Learning Outcomes:

– Critical thinking and research skills

– Experience in working with clay, plaster and wood

– Translating 2D ideas in 3D artworks

– Use of various sculpting tools

– Creating art that can be viewed in all angles

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