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“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness."

Film and Video is one of the most powerful art forms with the ability to define generations (Titanic, Star Wars, Avengers: Endgame) and foster conversations about societal and economic issues (Philadelphia, Get Out, Bowling For Columbine, The Big Short). As an industry employing millions of people in various positions (e.g. producers, agents, production designers, editors, execs, writers, assistants, etc.), it’s arguably the most collaborative artistic medium. New and affordable digital technologies have made producing and distributing video content much more attainable for the average teen. Learning the techniques and fundamentals of video storytelling is becoming increasingly important in this crowded space.


Students will learn: 

  • Brief film/video history 
  • Brief theory behind industry techniques 
  • Basic video storytelling structure 
  • How to use various camera, lighting, sound, and editing equipment 
  • Collaboration methods 
  • Distribution, marketing, and business tips”

Teen Art Class Details

  • Bring 11×14 sketchbook to class
  • Basic materials will be provided

Basic Rates & Pricing ​

Ages 12+DurationPrice
1 class2 hours$42*+hst
4 classes2 hours$152+hst (save $16)
13 classes2 hours$456 + hst (save $90)
24 classes2 hours$798+ hst (save $210)

*This is the standard price for our classes. Prices for packages are offered with discounts!

HST applies to all prices.


Film & Media Classes

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TBA January 2021

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