Digital Art

“Learning Art in a Fun & Engaging Way that Nurtures their creativity & Self-Expression”

Digital Art

Teaching art to children and teen the fun and modern way!

This course aims to teach children the fundamentals of digital art. Your child will learn how to transform 2D drawings into 3D digital paintings and have the creative freedom to explore and generate ideas! Essential hands-on activities include basic lighting studies, introduction to colour theory, various digital painting techniques, understanding perspective drawing and composition.

Your child will develop:

• Understanding of procreate app functions
• Use of app tools and functions
• Applied figure drawing and character design
• How to incorporate elements of art and principles of design
• Develop one’s own digital painting style
• Use of advanced perspective drawing to create an environment art

Art can help build students self-esteem and confidence and at the same time, allowing them to find their individual voice. Art and creative, expressive freedom is something that each and every person is capable of. To not at least create some art is to not fully embrace your internal capabilities.


Q: What devices are needed? What software is used?

A: Our digital art teachers use iPads and apple pens; however, if you are familiar with another device, you are welcome to use your own. Our lessons are based on Procreate, available for a one-time purchase; however, you are welcome to adapt the lesson to your own device/software. Or this is the chance to master a new digital drawing software! 


Q: Does the studio provide iPads?

A: Yes, in-studio students may use the iPads available during class. 


Pricing Packages

1 Pass – $56 + HST

4 Passes – $184 + HST (save $40)

13 Passes – $537 + HST (save $191)

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