Creativity at Work: Corporate Workshops

Why Take Art Classes?

Inspire company productivity, communication, and collaboration in this fun alternative to traditional employee training that’s proven to improve essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What We Teach

  • Artful Leadership
  • Team development
  • Strategic planning
  • Values creation and meaningful work
  • Appreciative Inquiry and leading change
  • Creativity and innovation skills development
  • Leading Change
  • Inspiring, engaging and motivating employees

We understand how busy the workday is so we’ll bring the workshop to you for a stress-free session in your own space. Our sessions are flexible and we’ll provide and set-up all the necessary materials and supplies so your team can jump right into the fun part!


Choose a themed workshop (see below). 

Alternatively, choose a more collaborative teamwork experience where groups can work together to create a large piece of art to showcase proudly in the office at the end.


Please note each party package hosts minimum 10 participants, with the option of adding up to 35 people in total.  


Want to add extra fun? We will challenge participants with a random rule they must follow for 5 minutes. Challenges include:

  • painting with your elbow/fingers/forehead
  • painting blindfolded
  • painting with your non-dominant hand
  • switching tools with your neighbour and more!

Learn More

September to June 

Between 9:00am – 3:00pm

 1.5 Hours: $220

Additional participants: $25/person

3 Hours: $350

Additional participants: $38/person

6 Hours: $600

Additional participants: $65/person

See Flyer

Expressive Art

This workshop focuses on the process of expression and listening to your intuition to tell you what to paint next. Participants will begin to connect with their creative and wiser self on a deeper level. The process of painting will help people delve into their imagination, spark creativity, and connect with their authentic self.

Managing Perfectionism

Perfectionism involves setting standards that are so high that they either cannot be met, or can only be met with great difficulty. In order to prepare for lifelong learning in inclusive, equitable, and modern communities, we need to avoid the perfection trap. This workshop emphasizes spaces that don’t ‘sanitize’ environments to avoid mistakes, and encourages healthy reflection and collective ownership.

Dream Painting

This workshop focuses on individual goals and ambitions. Participants are asked to depict what they wish to gain in life, and imagine themselves as they achieve it. The end result will be infused with emotion as they imagine what they will see, touch, smell, taste, and hear.

Mixed Media

Art is subjective and has different meaning to everyone – there’s no “right” way to make art and there is no “finite” definition for it. Art is simply a source of joy and happiness. Designed for those who wish to explore creative expression at the fullest, this workshop combines various forms of artistic media into a single work. Methods include painting, drawing, and collaging.

Our workshops follow a three-step program: Palette Pals to break barriers and bridge the gap between employers and employees, to create an open and comfortable environment. We believe art is a universal language that has the power to connect and bring people together. Goal Visualization to encourage teamwork and build a sustaining and supportive company culture. We’ll help you create art that corresponds with your company goals to reinforce core values (e.g. if your goal is growth, we’ll paint a tree!) Collective Canvas to recognize and celebrate everyone’s diverse skills and unique contributions to the company’s development. We encourage everyone to customize their paintings with their own favourite colours and personal touches.

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