Summer Camp 2024

“ The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Teaching students the technical aspects of creating art can be enriching, but equally important is inspiring them to use their imagination and creativity.

Summer Camp Weeks:

Week 1: July 2nd to 5th* 
Week 2: July 8th to 12th  
Week 3: July 15th to 19th                                                                                            
Week 4: July 22nd to 26th
Week 5: July 29th to Aug 2nd
Week 6: Aug 6th to 9th*
Week 7: Aug 12th to 16th 
Week 8: Aug 19th to 23rd 

Location: 9 Ivanhoe Drive, Markham

Age Group
Our programs are for children aged from 4-16 years old. We will group children according to their age. 

In Studio Camp: 
All materials are included. For Full Day students, lunch break is from 12:00 noon – 12:45 pm. Included snack breaks at 10:30 am – 10:45 am and at 2:30 pm – 2:45 pm.

Summer Camp Information

Camp Sessions:

Half-Day Week Session: $300 + HST/week (5 days)

Note: When purchasing Full-Day Week sessions, enjoy a 10% discount.
Example: 2 x Half-Days Session with a 10% discount: ($300 + $300) – 10% = $540.00 + HST

1 Full-Day or 2 Half Days, Drop-ins: $140 + HST

Before and After Care:
8:30 am-5:00 pm: $35 +HST/day
Current CGA students who have attended a minimum of 4 consecutive classes at the time of camp registration are eligible for an additional 10% discount. Please note that no other coupons or discounts can be combined with this offer.

Full Day:  9:00am – 4:00pm
Half Day (AM): 9:00am – 12:00pm
Half Day (PM): 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Note: Week 1: July 2nd to 5th* and Week 6: August 6th* to August 9th 2024 is prorated to 4 day camp due to Canada Day July 1st and Civic Holiday August 7th


Camp themes

Week 1: July 2nd to 5th* 

Theme: Mixed Media + Clay Fun! 

Ages: 4-16 years old

Working with mixed media and clay is an incredibly fun and exciting experience. It can be molded into whatever the imagination desires, making it one of the most versatile mediums available. By working with mixed media and clay, students will embark on an immersive journey as they explore the wonders of their creativity in a 3D space! Everyone can benefit from using mixed media, from amateurs to professionals, making this material perfect for any level of experience. Come join us in discovering the amazing creations we can make with mixed media and clay for a fun experience!

Week 2: July 8th to 12th

Theme: Famous Artists and their Art Styles!  

Ages: 4-16

Learning the techniques of classic art masters can be an enriching and exciting experience! Join us for a day filled with fun and honing your own artistic mastery by creating artwork inspired by classic artists such as Frida Kahlo and Michelangelo! Our lessons will introduce you to the techniques and styles used by the old masters in their work, giving you insight into what makes them so famous – and from there, you’ll add your own flair to complete your masterpiece. So don’t miss out – join us for a unique take on art history today!

robot in space, cartoon, planets

Week 3: July 15th to 19th 

Theme: Science Fiction: Drawing Cartoons, Characters and Anime! 

Ages: 4-7 years old 

Step into the thrilling world of Science Fiction: Drawing Cartoons, Characters, and Anime, tailored for imaginative minds aged 4 to 7! Guided by skilled instructors, children will explore futuristic landscapes, create whimsical robots, and design courageous space adventurers. Through engaging storytelling and hands-on drawing activities, they’ll unleash their creativity, learning basic techniques while experimenting with vibrant colors and dynamic shapes. From crafting their own alien species to envisioning superheroes saving the galaxy, every stroke of the pencil will spark boundless imagination, leaving them with a portfolio of out-of-this-world creations and endless inspiration!

Week 3: July 15th to 19th 

Theme: Digital Art Fun! Explore the Digital Side of Art making

Ages: 7-16 years old 

Traveling through the internet portal and exploring digital art since the dawn of the computer can be a lot of fun and exciting. Students will learn how to create artwork using digital software, as well as explore various art styles from a variety of artists. With this unique learning opportunity, students can also begin to appreciate the power and beauty digital art has to offer. Whether it’s abstract, painting simulations, or motion graphics, adventure awaits anyone who chooses to journey down this digital path!

Week 4: July 22nd to 26th 

Theme: Character Design, Cartoon + Anime! 
Ages: 4-16 years old 

Fun and exciting, learning how to draw superheroes and popular characters is an experience like no other. Our studio has all the tools necessary for students of any age to create their own unique avatar! For the younger students, we teach drawing basics – like colouring and form – as well as human proportions, figure drawing and tips on drawing features of the face. Older students have the cutting-edge technology of recent digital media in their hands ready to bring their heroes to life using digital design. With enough ipads on standby, it’s time for our young artists to experience a whole new level of creativity!

Week 5: July 29th to August 2nd 

Theme: Painting Animals and Their Habitats 

Ages: 4-16 years old 

This week brings an exciting and educational opportunity to learn about animals! Students will explore the fascinating lives of different creatures, such as bears, birds, reptiles and tigers. Fun projects will help students understand how animals live in their habitats better. With each passing day, the fun projects will open up a world of new information about animals. It is sure to be an eventful week full of learning and creatively expressing what has been discovered!

Week 6: August 6th to 9th* 

Theme: Watercolour, Ink and Mixed Media Exploration! 

Ages: 4-7 years old 

Dive into a world of artistic exploration with Watercolor, Ink, and Mixed Media tailored for creative minds aged 4 to 7! In this dynamic class, children will immerse themselves in the vibrant possibilities of watercolor and ink, experimenting with textures and techniques to bring their imaginations to life on canvas. From blending colors to experimenting with mixed media, every stroke of the brush will ignite their creativity, fostering a love for art and self-expression. Join us for an adventure where young artists can unleash their talents, creating masterpieces that reflect the beauty of their unique perspectives!

Week 6: August 6th to 9th* 

Theme: Digital Art meets the Commercial World! 

Ages: 7-16 years old 

Learning the various digital art skills throughout the week will open up so much potential for creativity and personal expression! Students can channel their newfound knowledge into creating fun, exciting artwork in formats such as poster making, typography, logo creation and character development. Not only is this an enjoyable experience but also a great stepping stone into commercial graphic design. All of these are crucial processes involved in advertisement which relies heavily on captivating visuals and texts to reach out to its target audience. With their skillset, students can now make and explore even more possibilities!

Week 7: August 12th to 16th

Theme: All about Illustration!: Drawing Characters and Environment 

Ages: 4-16 years old

This week is a great one for students! They get to explore the fundamentals of drawing as well as be creative and come up with their own ideas and themes. Fun topics like creating characters and designing environments will bring out everyone’s creative side while learning educational aspects such as perspective, animals, and landscapes with real-world applications. This week promises to be an exciting journey full of learning, fun and exploration.

Week 8: August 19th to 23rd 

Theme: Famous Artists and their Art Styles!  

Ages: 4-16

Come and explore the inner workings of masterpieces from world-renowned artists like Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Gauguin, and more! With our exciting hands-on workshop events, you can learn why these timeless painters are still celebrated centuries later and even add your own artistic flare to recreate classic pieces. Fun and interactive activities will help you hone in on the techniques used by old masters and enjoy a unique experience unlike any other. Older students get to explore digital and modern artists. Sign up today to join us for a week of fun as you unlock your mastery. 


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