Online Summer Camp 2020

Enroll your kids now online summer camp 2020. This is a 5 week online art summer camp that will have your kids excited to login everyday. 

“ The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Inspiring students to use their creativity and imagination to create art, as well as learning technical skills.

Virtual Online Art Summer Camp

Week 1: July 6th to July 10th 2020 

Week 2: July 20th to July 24th 2020

Week 3: August 10th to August 14th 2020 

Week 4: August 17th to August 21st 2020




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Age Group

Our camps are for children aged from 4-16 years old. Students will be grouped to smaller groups. 


What’s Included

NEW* ART KIT: Arts and Craft materials needed for chosen camp week.

Art Kits can be picked up from the studio for free. Art kits can also be mailed at a fee to chosen address. 

Summer Camp Information


Full Day:$420+hst/week

Half Day:$275+hst/week 

Single Full Day:$125+hst 

Single Half Day:$75+hst



Full Day:  9am – 4pm

Half Day (AM): 9am – 12pm

Half Day (PM): 1pm – 4pm


What is Included: Art kit with materials needed for  that camp week! Make it easy to learn from home. 

Online: We will be using Zoom for the classes. Powerpoint will be sent to students before camp

camp themes

Week 1 Online Virtual Camp: July 6th to 10th

Theme: Digital Art Fun! Explore the Digital Side of Art making

Ages: 8-16 years old

Travel through the internet portal and explore digital art since the advent of the computer! Students will learn how to create artwork using digital software, and explore different art styles from artists such as Takashi Murakami’s Superflat Art Movement from the early 2000s and modern cubism. 


Week 2 Online Virtual Camp:July 20th to 24th

Theme: Character Design, Comic + Figure Drawing
Ages: 4-16 years old


Bring your favourite heroes to life! Children get to learn how to draw superheroes, and popular characters. For older students, they will learn figure drawing and human proportions, as well as tips and tricks to how to draw the various features of the face. 

Week 2 Online Virtual Camp: July 20th to 24th 

Theme: Design Can Change the World!  

Ages: 10-16 years old (Available: Half Day 9:00-12:00pm)*

Join for a week of fun design art projects. Design is about creatively solving real-world problems. It starts with carefully observing and critically understanding the world around us. Designers are artistic and logical. They work collaboratively with other experts, designers, and end-users. This process is often iterative and unpredictable, but it is rewarding. The right solutions can re(define) standards of fashion and function for a very long time, and it can even change the world! For example, Edison’s incandescent light bulb, Ford’s Model-T, Apple’s iPhone and many more.  

Week 2 Online Virtual Camp: July 20th to 24th

Theme: Painting Animals and Their Habitats 
Ages: 4-16 years old 

This week, students will explore animals and create paintings inspired by facts about animals and their habitats. Each day, we will be exploring different animals, such as bears, birds, reptiles and tigers. This week will consist of fun projects where students will understand better how animals live.

Week 3 Online Virtual Camp:August 10th to 14th

Theme: Drawing Fundamentals: Portraits, Still Life, Animals
Ages: 4-16 years old (Available: Half Day 1:00-4:00pm)*


This week, students will develop their drawing fundamentals for the following subjects: portraits, still life, landscape, animals, and characters. This week will consist of fun drawing projects, where students both develop their shading skills, and drawing techniques for the subjects.

Week 3 Online Virtual Camp: August 10th to 14th 

Theme: Digital Art meets the Commercial World! 

Ages: 8-16 years old

Students can apply their newfound digital art skills learnt throughout the week to create various artwork that we see every day in the city. Advertisement relies heavily on captivating visuals and texts. This is a great stepping stone into poster making, typography, logo creation, character development, and other commercial graphic design.  

Week 3 Online Virtual Camp: August 10th to 14th

Theme: Watercolour, Ink, Mixed Media

Ages: 4-16 years old (Available: Half Day 1:00-4:00pm)*

Play with different mediums such as watercolour, ink and mixed media art. Throughout the week, students will be given different topics and themes and come up with creative ways to explore themes such as food, animals, landscape, still life and characters. 

Week 4 Online Virtual Camp: August 17th to 21st

Theme: All about Illustration!: Drawing + Character / Environment Design
Ages: 4-16 years old


This week focuses on drawing fundamentals. Student will also get to create children book inspired characters, environments, posters and all about illustration. They will learn about techniques and learning how to draw animals, people, landscapes and perspective. Throughout the week, students will be given different topics and themes and come up with creative ways to display those themes. For students that enjoy anime and cartoons, this is also included as an option for them to explore. 

Online summer camps 2020 are a great way to keep your kids entertained while at home. Many parents are out of ideas of what to do with kids. That’s why we created our online summer camp 2020 series. Let us keep your kids entertained for you.


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