Senior Art Workshops

Senior Art Workshops

There are very few activities that can be both a source of relaxation,  and be great for your health!  Creative art is proven to be one of those great activities. Art exposes us to colors, expressive movements and an array of subjects. Seniors who practice creative art  can enhance their well being and reduce stress!


Here are just a few ways in which art can assist senior living:

  1. Improves Attitude: Art reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and loneliness. In turn, it releases positive hormones into the mind putting us in a peaceful mind space
  2. Better Cognitive Functioning: Art helps stimulate the five senses, and so, this stimulation sharpens our senses to make stronger connections
  3. Motor Skill Development: The use of hand and wrist in many art forms works the muscle groups connecting to the arm. Studies have proven that consistent art production can strengthen muscles.
  4. Better Memory: Creative arts can assist seniors suffering from memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia. Painting may even help to uncover old memories! 

Creative art is rewarding for seniors – it promotes healthy, positive and content feelings, enhances physical capabilities, and sets up our day for success. Through the fun of creating, seniors will enjoy a better quality of life.

Given the benefits, it is a great idea to sign up for an art class to start exploring the creative mind!

Choose a 2 hour activity:

  1. Painting on Canvas 
  2. Clay Sculpture/ Painting
  3. Drawing (e.g. Still life, Portrait) 
With several mediums to choose from, and the ability to host up to 30 guests, we can create the perfect workshop for you!


Minimum 2 hour booking required

Birchmount studio

Saturdays starting 5:30pm

Sundays starting 4:30pm 

Weekdays between 9:00am-4:00pm

Ivanhoe studio

Saturdays starting 4:00pm

Sundays starting 5:00pm 

Weekdays between 9:00am-4:00pm

Desired time slots are subject to availability. 


$500 + HST/2 Hours   

Additional: $45/Half Hour 

Please note each workshop package hosts 10 participants, with the option of adding up to 30 people in total. 

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